Be Smart with Home Improvement Projects for Your Jacksonville, FL area Home

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If you are thinking about selling your Jacksonville, FL area home, you can increase the resale value by completing some simple home improvement projects.Be sure, however, to wisely choose which projects would sell your home the quickest and will increase rather than lose you money in the long run.
Appraisal First
It’s important to first get the appraised value of your home to determine which project will be most effective in increasing your resale value and will get the home sold quickly. As the homeowner, sometimes it’s hard to be objective in determining what your home is truly worth and how much the home improvement project will effectively increase that value.
Determining Which Home Project
If your home is already the nicest in your Jacksonville, FL area neighborhood, you may not benefit from an extensive home improvement project since you may already be at the high-end of the comparables. A general rule of thumb is to not price your home for more than 20% of what the surrounding homes will sell for. This means that if the homes in your neighborhood are appraised at an average of $150,000, you could expect to get about $180,000 out of your home if you make smart improvements that potential buyers are looking for.
What this means for you as a homeowner is that you should not go above any home improvements that would cost more than 20% of your average comparables.
Smart Choices for Projects
Put some thought into what you feel potential buyers will want and are willing to pay for.  For example, a hot tub is nice and perhaps something you are longing for; but would a potential buyer be willing to pay extra for this feature when there’s a home next door with the same amenities minus the hot tub for the same price?

Typically, home buyers are looking for modernized kitchens, updated bathrooms, finished attic space, or other projects that would make the home appealing, move-in ready, and would save them the expense and time of having to complete themselves.

Maintenance Project Vs. Home Improvement
Be careful to know the difference between a home maintenance issue and a home improvement project. A maintenance project does not usually result in an increase in the value of your Jacksonville, FL area home. Just a few examples of maintenance projects are:
  • Replacing a broken air conditioning or heating unit
  • Replacing a hot water heater
  • Fixing broken pipes
  • Replacing storm drains
  • Repairing broken roof shingles or leaks

These maintenance issues are seen as the home being in a livable condition and most people would not consider paying full price for a home without these basic features in working order. Because of this, maintenance projects do not improve the value of your home when selling it.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is that if you are interested in increasing the resale value of your home, you need to make smart decisions on your home improvement projects. Determining which home improvement is smart for your home can mean more money in your pocket when it’s time to sell your house.

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