Last Minute Cold Weather Maintenance for Your Home

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Although our region doesn’t typically see prolonged periods where temperatures reach at or below freezing, waking up this morning one can’t help but think about the cooler temperatures and what that means for your home.
It’s not too late to get your Jacksonville, FL area home ready for winter! Most of your winterization should be complete by November 1, and perhaps you did all the major things such as repairing roof shingles, reinforcing and caulking windows and storing your outdoor furniture. But, there are some other very important things that may have eluded you that should be done inside and out before the daylight dwindles.
Cut Back Branches from the House
Do a final walk around your house and look for overgrown bushes, weeds and branches that are touching your house. A pair of pruning shears and a weed-wacker can make sure your property is neat and ready for the winter. Eliminating brush that butts up against the home can also help keep out rot from a wet winter and insects or rodents looking for a warm place to live. Those branches touching your home can also scrape against your house on those cold winter days when the wind picks up, keeping you up at night and scratching the side of your house causing you more repairs in the spring.

Clear Out Leaves
Those fall leaves are beginning to fall from the trees, they are landing in your rain gutters causing clogs and damage. If it’s accessible with a ladder, clean out the rain gutters and spouts to make sure once the water starts flowing, you won’t have any problems with the water backing up or pooling in those gutters and, although rare, possibly freezing over.

Replace Batteries
Daylight savings time ends Nov. 7. It’s a great time to replace all the batteries in your smoke detectors throughout the home. By getting into the habit of replacing at peak times, such as Daylight “fall back” and “spring forward,” you can ensure to have working detectors all year around.

Carbon monoxide detectors are important in your home, especially if you heat your home with a wood fireplace during those cold winter nights and mornings. They are easily purchased through any home-improvement store and are easy to install.

Protect External Pipes
Again, although freezing temperatures aren’t very common for a prolonged period of time here in Jacksonville, they can happen and they can cause headaches with external pipes.  Making some of these preparations now on your outside pipes that you most likely won’t be using in the coming months due to the colder weather can help to ensure that these headaches don’t appear!  This can undoubtedly be the most important task in the fall. You don’t want any busted pipes in the dead of winter or expensive repairs in the spring. By draining and wrapping any outdoor pipes now, it can alleviate a lot of problems.  If you have an air compressor and pipe wrap, it’s a job easily done in a couple hours.
  • If you have a separate irrigation line at your house, turn off the water at the meter during the winter months and drain your sprinkler system
  • Drain any pipes that run through unheated areas of your home such as the garage, attic and outdoor porch.  If you cannot drain, wrap the exposed pipes in foam insulation
  • Drain exterior water pipes and spigots
  • Cover your exposed spigots with foam covers; found in any home-improvement store
  • Drain garden hoses but, if possible, keep one accessible for any future gutter cleaning that may need done.
By keeping your Jacksonville, FL are home in good working order with seasonal maintenance it can ensure that when you are ready to sell your home, you will get the best price possible.
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